Spicy Sesame Noodles With Chicken and Peanuts Recipe (2024)

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I added 4 cloves of minced garlic, and 2 inches of sliced ginger to the chicken, and finished the whole thing with chopped cilantro, green onions, and cucumber. I had to use gf spaghetti. Next time I will grate orange zest into the pepper sauce instead of just cooking the big pieces and taking them out. I will also use a little less pepper .


After making it once, I would try garlic next time... I found the taste a bit, well, two dimensional— heat and everything else. Just as a thought experiment, I wonder sometimes how many ingredients can be omitted or replaced with the commenter still able to claim they ‘made’ a recipe. I sure see a lot of:‘Skipped a and b, added x, y, z and c, and I know my way is better!’

Daniel Backman

Save the leftover orange from peeling and generously squeeze the orange juice into the ramen before even. It craved some citrus acid with all of the oil/fat. I chopped the remaining fruit and tossed it with the noodles. Pretty good overall.


It’s not meant to all be used in the recipe. You make the Chile oil and have extra. They could have noted this in the recipe, but most experienced cooks would see that after reading the recipe through


Why not use good Chinese chili oil to taste and omit the large amount of oil and chili flakes? Add some grated zest to the soy and sesame oil. You can add extra chili flakes to taste.


4 cloves of minced garlic, and 2 inches of sliced ginger to the chicken, and finished the whole thing with chopped cilantro, green onions, and cucumber.

Philip M Fortman

When doing sesame noodles, I start with a small dry cast iron pan with the bottom completely covered with white sesame seeds. Start with low heat, slowly increase, stirring and turning with a flat edge spatula. If the heat gots too high, some seeds may pop out of the pan. Work sesame seeds to develop a nice brown with a few smokey black. Pull the pan off heat and let cool while preparing the other ingredients. Stir the crispy sesame seeds into the noodles as you add your other ingredients.


i cooked this exactly as directed—it was delicious and full of flavor. i was quite surprised how much flavor the orange peel added. be sure to get the rind and not much of the white pith (it can add bitterness). i just used a knife to peel of the top layer of the rind. will definitely make again.


Cy - I haven’t made this yet so have no idea how much of the chili oil I won’t use. But nowhere in the recipe does it say or imply not to use all of it (just that it will keep).


I will cut the amount of red pepper flakes in half next time.


Very easy, very tasty. Made half the oil blend, scraped the peanuts into the mix and then added a little more oil. Threw in some sad mushrooms near the end of the chicken but in hindsight could’ve added some red peppers for sweetness and crunch. Accidentally cooked rice noodles - next time will stick to ramen or udon as I felt the mix needed a beefier noodle base. Def add some lime juice at the end to brighten the dish. Will def make again!


Quickest and best true Chinese restaurant cold sesame noodles -- the one where all the ingredients go into a blender, dump over the noodles. DONE.Only grating the ginger takes a bit of time -- into blender with sesame oil, chicken broth, peanut butter, garlic (I buy pre-minced), hot oil, soy sauce.This one is probably good, but a LOT of steps at 9 at night. And NOT true sesame noodles.


I second the observation that the recipe nowhere implies omitting some of the Chile oil. It implies you could make the oil 2 weeks in advance.

William Doran

Added tsp orange marmalade to soy/sesame/chili and whisked to make vinaigrette (skipped rinds altogether). Only used 2 tbsp grapeseed oil to toast peanuts and removed with a slotted spoon instead of emptying whole pan into the chili oil. Did not add any additional oil to cook chicken and needed a 14” skillet to brown that much meat. Lastly, I squeezed some OJ into the skillet to deglaze the pan and served with chopped mint, chives, and cilantro.

Joan-Carol Brigham

I love this recipe. A few modificationsI make: to make the sauce, start with a small pot, cook peanuts in the oil, then add soy and sesame. I grate the rind of a large orange and add when mixture has cooled down. Lots of orange flavor. Also, season ground chicken with garlic and ginger. Add lots of spinach or other greens as you break up the chicken.

Rob B

I don’t mind some heat but dang 1.5 tbsp of red pepper made for some spicy food. Also, someone recommended adding cucumber. That was a great suggestion!



Rice Amount

Turned out weird… the rice stuck and burned to my stainless steel skillet instead of crisping. Tasted ok though.For rice: you need 2/3rds to 1 cup of dry rice, cooked. I found the recipe ambiguous.


I'm normally a huge fan of Ali Slagle's recipes but this one didn't blow me away. I added roasted broccoli and honestly that was the best part. Not sure I'd make again...but it was an easy recipe that came together quickly.


This is so delicious. I cut it down to 1/3, thinking that would give me one serving plus leftovers, but oops ... I ate it all in one sitting. I love the crispy ground chicken bits (genius technique) and the hot chili oil. I used one pack of ramen (minus the seasoning packet), added baby spinach near the end and cut down the red pepper after reading comments -- but I wish I hadn't! From now on I'll use all the red pepper, and I'll make this regularly.


Added some sichuan pepper and this was fantastic! Tastes like a stir fry version of dan dan noodles


Double the space and peanuts Forsure


Loved this recipe! I used spaghetti and it was so delicious! It's a keeper!


Love this recipe but have been making it with two modifications: use half the quantity of listed noodles; and instead of using the orange rind as listed instead thinly slice the rind of a whole orange into long and thin slices and cook the orange rind slices with the peanuts at the beginning and leave the orange slices in to be eaten.


Made with ground pork, momof*cku chili crunch, and added tahini and some of the orange juice to cut the fattiness. Delicious.

Jill J

Little oily - could reduce amount

szlazz bk

I’ve made this many many times and it’s a huge favorite in the house! One thing we do that’s fun and helpful is juice the orange into the dish at the end and add more soy sauce to boost it or balance it a bit depending on your taste.

Ray Levi

Added 1 garlic clove. Didn't need as many pepper flakes , maybe 1 TBS, and more oil would help. There are also loots of ways to doctor up the Chile oil I think, to bring out the flavors. Use fresher flakes next time.


Too spicy as is. Second time making it I added ginger and garlic, red bell pepper for color, and a handful of broccoli florets (steamed prior). I added two T of orange juice and reduced oil to 1/3 c. I used entire pack of TJ’s knife edge noodles. Great quick meal!

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Spicy Sesame Noodles With Chicken and Peanuts Recipe (2024)
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