33 Most Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas for 2024 (2024)

Here is a full round-up of the best summer bucket list ideas for your season. If you’re wondering, "What are some fun activities for the summer season?" you’re in the right place.

What do you want to accomplish this summer? How do you hope to grow? Whether you want to gain useful new skills, boost your creativity, get more active or experience exciting new adventures, this list is the perfect starting point to make your own list of must-dos for the summer.

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Creative Summer Bucket List Ideas

There are some awesome summer bucket list ideas to express your artsy side and learn creative hobbies. Plus, there’s an option for every skill level of artist.

1. Learn to Paint (While You Sip!)

Paint and sip sessions allow you to learn new art skills and create your very own masterpieces. There’s a wide variety of paint and sip in Washington, D.C., paint and sip in Chicago and paint and sip in NYC for budding artists.

Skilled artists will teach you tips for painting with step-by-step instructions for creating the perfect painting. Look for events to paint and sip near you to have a memorable summer date idea or day out with family.

2. Get Some New Dance Moves

Dance classes are a fun way to get your body moving and bond with friends or family. This is a great summer bucket list idea that also allows you to get a little exercise in.

No matter if you like hip hop or ballroom vibes there are dance classes in Colorado Springs, dance classes in Los Angeles and dance classes in Las Vegas to learn new moves. Look for dance classes near you to learn a new style this summer.

3. Make Your Own Pottery

Make your own three-dimensional artwork in a hands-on pottery class. There are pottery classes in Boston, pottery classes in Houston and pottery classes in Minneapolis where you can get your hands dirty this summer.

Add finding pottery classes near you to your summer bucket list ideas and test out your clay skills.


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4. Attend Crafter's Workshops

Attend a maker's workshop to create a fun and unique project. These are designed as teaching sessions for arts and crafts for adults.

Some allow you to make a pillow or throw and some guide you through making a personalized wooden sign. Either way, this is a perfect summer bucket list idea where you can create a memento of the season.

You can find unique art classes in NYC, art classes in San Diego, art classes in Los Angeles or art classes near you to get started.

5. Make Music

It’s never too late to learn how to play an instrument. Music lessons are a summer bucket list idea that will help you gain culture and expand your skill sets. Look into lessons at a local music school or online tutorials for more flexibility.

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6. Capture Perfect Summer Memories

What better way to document your summer than with pro-level photos? Photography classes allow you to learn to capture images and edit them for stunning results.

And the best part is, there are even classes available for smartphone photography, perfect for saving cash and taking snapshots on the go. Then plan a photo shoot day for a cute summer bucket list idea for best friends or family.

Foodie Summer Bucket List Ideas

Summer is a perfect opportunity to branch out and explore your local food scene. Expand your palette or boost your kitchen skills with these summer things to do that are perfect for foodies.

7. Improve Your Cooking Skills

Taking a cooking class is an awesome way to learn more about the culinary world. You’ll learn pro kitchen techniques and create new dishes from fresh ingredients.

Why not explore cooking classes in Boston or cooking classes in Dallas to experience each area’s great regional cuisines? There are also cooking classes in Chicago for Windy City foodies to boost their kitchen skills.

You can look for cooking classes near you or even try online cooking classes to experience something new this summer.

8. Become a Wine Aficionado

Summer is always an awesome time to find new varieties of wine to enjoy. Head to a winery to try a flight of whites and rose options, perfect for warm weather sipping.

This is a fun day date or girls night idea. If there isn’t a winery in your area, book a virtual wine tasting and discover new favorites at home.

9. Make the Ultimate co*cktail

Why not learn to mix up a signature margarita or mojito for the season? Mixology classes will have you whipping up drinks like a pro.

This is a fun summer bucket list idea for adults to get more comfortable handmaking their own co*cktails. Plus, there are online mixology classes available, making this a super-convenient item to add to your list.

10. Go on a Local Food Truck Tour

Check out local food trucks to experience some truly unique cuisine. Make a list of ones in your area that you’ve been dying to try.

Then, track them on the Street Food Finder app to hit them all before the season ends. You’re likely to find some new mobile food faves you’ll want to return to again and again.

11. Take a Foodie Road Trip

Hit the road and explore a food scene you’ve never visited before. Big cities and areas with cultural influences often have tons of opportunities for foodies to try new things.

Add a destination or two as a summer bucket list idea and plan your trip. Make sure to book a food tour or use Yelp to make a list of must-visit food spots. Try this as a girls' weekend idea or a way to get away as a family.

12. Host a BBQ Cook-Off

Nothing says summer like a barbecue. Why not add a little friendly competition to the mix and make it a cookoff? This is a perfect summer bucket list idea for best friends or neighbors to repeat year after year. Buy a fun trophy and vote for a new winner each year for a fun and memorable tradition.

Unique Summer Bucket List Ideas

If you want outside-the-box summer bucket list ideas to try, these are all unique. They’re sure to have you learning new things and creating lasting memories.

13. Go on a Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to challenge yourself and hone your problem-solving skills. Plus, there are so many diverse options. There are guided ones in many areas, making them great staycation ideas to explore your hometown.

There are also ones you can complete on your mobile phone and even virtual scavenger hunts you can complete online.

14. Host a Classic Game Night

Hosting a game night is a low-key yet fun way to get together with friends or family. Gather a few of your favorite classic board games and face off in a few rounds. Or, if you can’t physically be together, plan a few virtual game nights to gather online in real-time.

15. Test Your Knowledge

No matter your knowledge base, trivia games are a fun and challenging summer bucket list idea. There might be local options in your area centered around pop culture or sports questions. You can also join online trivia games to test your knowledge of a variety of subjects right from home.

16. Try an Escape Room

An escape room is a perfect summer bucket list idea for adults and kids alike to make memories and learn to work together. Check out the options in your area or book a virtual escape room. Then, race the clock to solve a series of clues to master the challenge.

17. Visit an Old-School Arcade

Whether you love Frogger, Pac Man or Mortal Kombat, visit an old-school arcade for a blast from the past. Play your old favorites, and if you have kids, bring them along to teach them the classics. This is a perfect outing to add a little nostalgia to the season.

Adults can take this idea to the next level by finding a local or nearby "barcade," which has all of these classic arcade games in a bar!

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18. Try Axe Throwing

Axe throwing may seem like an out-there summer bucket list idea, but the activity is growing in popularity. This is thanks to the fact that nearly anyone can play and it has just the right amount of friendly competition.

Axe throwing is also a funindoor date ideaor a way to gather with co-workers. Check out a facility in your local area to try out this fun sport.

At-Home Summer Bucket List Ideas

With the busyness of the season, sometimes it just feels best to stay home. These summer things to do at home are great ways to stay entertained without having to go anywhere at all.

19. Make Plant Art

Learn to make your own plant art and bring a touch of nature to your home. Order a kit to craft your own trendy terrarium. Or, sign up for virtual flower arranging classes and fill your space with colorful bouquets all summer long.

20. Get Fit With Home Workouts

Stay active this summer and fully commit to this summer bucket list ideas. You can sign up for online workout challenges or find some interactive exercises on YouTube. If you want to make workouts feel like a fun activity check out online dance classes to learn some new moves.

21. Host an Outdoor Movie Marathon

Planning a movie marathon and enjoying some beloved flicks is one of the easiest summer activities at home. Think of a summer-inspired theme like vacation movies or baseball films.

Then, check out streaming services or download the movies and snuggle up for a marathon. Don’t forget the popcorn and your favorite beverages.

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22. Give Your Room a Redo

A room redo is a summer bucket list idea that you can enjoy for the rest of the year. Take a hard look at your bedroom, bathrooms or even your closets and decide which needs the most attention. Then, repaint, reorganize and add some fun decorative accents to revamp the space.

23. Start a Garden

Starting a garden is a fun activity for people of all ages. Find a spot in your yard, order a kit to build a raised bed or simply plan a container garden in pots.

Then, start plants from seeds or order seedlings of your favorite veggies. Stay up on caring for your new plants and you’ll enjoy fresh produce all summer long.

Teen Summer Bucket List Ideas

Teens can get restless as the summer wears on. These things to do in the summer for teenagers can keep them happy, active and fully entertained.

24. Try Some Art Classes

According to The Mental Health Foundation, art can improve your mental health and improve symptoms of anxiety. Since summer is typically a time for teens to unwind and rest away from school, why not enhance the benefits of the break with art classes?

There are art classes in Los Angeles, art classes in Portland and art classes in Chicago that local teens can add to their summer bucket list ideas for young adults. Look for art classes near you and sign your teen up to boost their creativity.

25. Face off in Laser Tag

While sunny days are great, sometimes a rainy one rolls around. Fortunately, this is a summer bucket list idea that works in any weather. Many laser tag facilities allow you to book ahead or simply walk in when you’re ready to play.

So, gather a group and test your shooting skills in the laser tag arena. This is a fun and low-pressure date idea for teens as well.

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26. Go Golfing

Golf is a fun skill for teens to learn and for many, it becomes a lifelong sport. Book a tee time for a summer bucket list idea for young adults that could become a long-term hobby.

If they aren’t ready for a full 18-hole game, check out a minigolf course or a nearby Top Golf to get a taste of the game.

27. Visit the Best Waterpark

Water parks are a great thing to do in summer for teenagers who love swimming and thrill rides. Visit a nearby water park and spend the day enjoying the slides and other attractions.

If you have one close enough to your home, buy a season pass and challenge your teen to tackle each ride by the end of the season.

28. Get Active With Sports Camps

Summer is a great time to try new things or enhance current skills. Sports camps are a perfect way for teens to test a new activity or take their performance to the next level. Look for ones in your area or check out college camps that often include overnight options.

Free Summer Bucket List Ideas

It’s no secret that the cost of summer activities can quickly rack up. These summer bucket list ideas allow you to save some cash and have fun without spending a thing.

29. Go Hiking

Check out the trail networks in your area and plan a hike. There are typically trails of various distances designed for all skill levels. Check out the local wildlife and plant species as you immerse yourself in nature.

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30. Visit a Library

Your local library can be a perfect resource for free entertainment. Make it a goal to visit weekly and set a challenge to read a certain number of books for the season. This is a great summer bucket list idea to improve your imagination and help you unwind.

31. Pack a Picnic

Pack a picnic and enjoy a local park. Make some simple sandwiches and cut up fruit to enjoy. Then, enjoy the sun as you dine al fresco for free. This is a great solo date idea to recharge or an easy way to entertain little kids.

32. Find a Free Day

Many local museums, science centers, aquariums and zoos offer free days to area residents. Check out their websites and make note of when these days occur. Then, add these dates to your calendar and visit as many as possible.

33. Go to a Festival

This summer bucket list idea requires a little research but comes with lots of free fun. Look for a schedule of nearby festivals celebrating music, art or culture. Then, visit one to enjoy the sights, sounds and complementary people-watching.

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For many, it's important to squeeze every bit of fun out of the summer. When you have a well-planned mission, you can make sure you make the most of your summer.

Enjoy the summer season, learn new skills and gain new experiences with these fun summer bucket list ideas. Then, you’ll be left with awesome memories and some great photos when fall rolls around.

For even more fun activities to add to your summer bucket list, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!

33 Most Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas for 2024 (2024)
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